Saturday, March 08, 2008

A little bit of Abram....

Here's a small look into the world of Abram for you....sorry it's sideways...can't get it to rotate.

Enjoy! :)

Untitled from Ali on Vimeo.

Friday, February 29, 2008

A Year Later.......

Well, it's almost been a year since I've posted anything on here, and after countless reminders to update this thing, here I am! This is going to be mostly pictures, but I will try my hardest in the next little while to write a little about the last year.

Abram will soon be 2....crazy how fast the first couple of years go! And we are expecting #2 in April! Took some belly pictures today, so I will put those on here for you.......

My bright eyed boy!

Baby #2!!

Gotta have some sass.... :)

That's all for now...keep checking back!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Oh...What an ATTITUDE!!!

I can't believe my little bubs is so soon going to be ONE! Really...where does the time go? It's so amazing all the changes I see in him each and every day. He's totally getting his own personality now. Well, he's always had it, but now it's really coming out. He makes us laugh so many times during the day! I have had it lucky in a sense, as he hasn't taken to crawling, so my house is still completely NOT baby proof! I really don't think he is going to be a crawler....he gets mad when we make him try it. It won't be long though till he's running around on his own getting into everything. He LOVES to walk. My back hurts every day from the time I spend walking around the house with him holding on to my fingers....and well, once we start walking we are not allowed to stop. TEMPER!! He freaks if I have to interrupt our walking ventures. I sit him on the floor so I can quickly go pee, and WOW....FREAK OUT! It's pretty funny...although the humor of it tends to wear off with me after about 10 minutes of his little tantrum. I took a video of him yesterday and will post it on here for you to see.
We have also been seeing this little attitude of his come out when it comes to food as well. If he sees anyone eating (doesn't matter what it is) and they don't offer any of it to him....look out! If he could move on his own, you would be attacked! He's not interested in bottles anymore, all he wants is the good stuff. This poses as a slight problem for me, as he won't drink out of a sippy cup either, so it's fun trying to get fluids into him. Don't worry...he's getting all he needs.....he'd just rather be chompin on something good! It's no wonder the kids weighs a good 26 lbs!
Well, that's it for right now.......check out the video......... and enjoy this fat little butt! :)

My Little Bubs has a temper.... on Vimeo

Friday, February 16, 2007

Word of Advice....

If you decide to wean your baby and use cabbage leaves as a way to lessen the pain of engorgement.....don't take the cabbage right out of the COLD fridge and use it. YIKES!! Room temperature is much more enjoyable! :)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Update Coming Soon!!
(I promise!)

Okay...I know I have totally slacked off on here, but my goal for tomorrow is to finally get something new on here!'s been since before Christmas! I don't even know how I will put 2 months into one blog, but I will try my best. That is all for tonight....I am tired and not feeling well. So until tomorrow, I leave you with an updated picture.......

Watching the Super Bowl with Daddy

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Mad Rush.......

The plan was to catch the ferry tomorrow afternoon, in order for us to have the kids (older) in Seattle for Saturday morning to catch their flight to go spend Christmas with their mom. (that's a really long sentence) So I woke up this morning, and started getting some stuff together as packing to go away with a baby seems like such a big job. There's so much to NOT forget! I was going to use all day today to get things done, so that tomorrow morning I wouldn't be in a huge panic. Yah well, guess what?? As of this afternoon the word is that there will be NO ferry sailings tomorrow do to yet ANOTHER freak storm we Islanders are getting. Really, what's up with this weather? It's freakin SNOWING AGAIN right now!! So after having somewhat of a relaxing morning, Wes came home from work for lunch, and tells me to start packing because we are catching the 5:45 TONIGHT! WOW!! STRESS OVERLOAD! Funny thing is that during our last storm we were saying how much it must suck for those people that depend on the BC Ferries to get on and off of this Island on a constant basis. Well, now we are one of those people! It's weird to think that you HAVE to get off of the Island, but might not be able too. Hopefully the wind stays somewhat calm for our sailing. We have a long night ahead of us, as we will not be getting to our destination until 12 or 1 am. Ugh...not looking forward to doing that with the Babe.
I have to admit that I'm a little sad we will not be here for the storm, as I love them........good luck to all you Islanders....go fly a kite for me! :)

Celena....don't you dare have your baby while I'm gone....or in the middle of the storm for that matter! :)

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Christmas Tree Hunting.....

I'm finally getting my tree tomorrow! YAH!! We are packing all the kids up in the morning and going in search of the perfect tree. I'm excited!! Although, Wes seems to be a little hesitant as last year he realized that when I said "finding the perfect tree", I really meant finding the perfect tree. It's not really all that bad, but for the latter part of my childhood and for my youth, we always had a fake tree. So once I was married and could actually have my OWN tree, it had to be just the right one. I think I have already gotten to him this year as I spent all day today rearranging the furniture in our living room to make the perfect spot for it. I'm still not happy with the arrangement, so I will probably spend all night in bed thinking about how I really want it. Who could even get me out of bed to figure out! :) I will make sure to post all about our grand adventure.
This is a short post, and I know I have been slacking in the worst way, but my goal is to get things up to date on here. Life has just been so overwhelming as of late. But as always, I will attatch some pictures of the little man for you enjoyment. Not that you enjoy it, but I do! :) These are the pictures my sister took for christmas........

Take note of how the cheeks hang
below the chin!! What a chubtser!

My little "Newsies" boy.....